here is the house on stilts we stayed in

We went to a place called Stilts. Stilts is a place on the beach with houses on stilts over the South China Sea  and condos on the beach.  Our family stayed in a house on stilts over the water. We had to walk down a long pier to get to our house.  On the 2 and a half hour trip to Stilts, we stopped once @ a Jollibee. A driver named Arnold drove us there then stayed with us. At Stilts there was a pool, volleyball net, seesaws,and kayaks you can rent. The water is shallow unless you go out very far.  

We were able to snorkel while we were there and saw fish, eel, starfish, and some sea urchins.  There were beautiful gardens by the shore and swimming pool.  at night there were Christmas lights and colorful lanterns.  Unfortunately, I was sick while we were there and felt awful. Fortunetly for me I’m feeling  better now.

The one and only,



Dasmarinas and Cousins

We spent the first day roaming around the gated neighborhood and taking in the local architecture.  You can still see some of the Spanish influence in the homes.  Many in this area have been remodeled and have a more modern flair.  There are many mango and coconut trees in the area and Catherine brought one home.

A garden growing over the entry of a nearby home.

Another Dasmarinas home.

We are staying in Dasmarinas, which is in Makati City Metro Manila.  The neighborhood is quiet and tree lined.  When you walk out of the security gates the streets are full of people,  cars, and street vendors.  The lightweight champion “Manny” lives down the street.  On the first day, we walked out of the neighborhood to a grocery.  There were some familiar items and some more interesting ones.

The kids have had a ball playing with their cousins.  There’s someone for everyone and they’ve been running around playing princess, robbers, and ipods.  I’m so glad they’ve had the opportunity to get to know each other. 

26+ hours

That’s how long it took us to get from Huntsville, Alabama to Manila.  The kids were troopers and we didn’t have the expected meltdowns.  Our flight from Dallas to Narita, Japan took 13 hours and we were blessed with empty seats and seatback screens (with t.v., games, movies, and flight info).  We were also fed about 4 times, including sushi. 

Narita Airport, almost there.

Rob’s uncle picked us up at the airport and we had our first taste of crazy Manila traffic/driving.  We were very glad to arrive at Rob’s cousin’s beautiful Dasmarinas home and sleep.

Pool and open living space.

I’ll try to post about our first week in Manila in a bit.  We’re getting ready for the wedding today.  Caren

Page of Awesomeness

4/4/12  Today me and my family are going to a museum. Oh and by the way we are in the Philippines, we travelled here from Huntsville, AL, U.S.A.

My Cousin (left) and I (right).

Yesterday I met a lot of cousins I didn’t know.

And this Jet lag is hard to get over.  😦

4/6/12  It turned out that we didn’t get too go to the museum 2 days ago because it was to crowded 😦 , but  on the bright side  we got to go to a fancy pizza restraint  🙂 ,  my little sister and my little cousin who is 4 fell asleep at the restaurant.

Yesterday day we went to a spanish restaurant were we saw lots of cool dances!

First post ever!!!

Hi i am R2D2. (well @ least that is my nickname) I am the oldest of the 4 traveling Chua kids. I am in 6th grade and am home schooled. This is my first year being home schooled. Lets look at funny cat pics!!



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